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Saturday, 1 February 2020


Amidst all the disses and rumors of disses that have been going on in the city for a while, leading to one of the Jos rappers calling out all the Jos rappers wack to the extend of dropping a diss track and later apologizing, we saw and heard plenty of rappers trowing shots and shots at each other just for the Hunger of attention and clout chasing. One of the top most Rapper who has been on trend now known as TYKAH has been trying hard to get diss and Artist Known as Wiz Ace of LMG music. Tykah almost got Wiz Ace to diss him back until LMG said he won't dare to reply an artist with hunger for Attention.
A rumor just sprout out That Spyedkid one of Jos rappers has taken to the Studio today reply Tykah, rumors has it also that he titles the song 'Rapture' and will be released on the 10 of February. 
Is it really true that Spyekid has the guts to reply Tykah or this is just a stunt ? 🤔 
We await...

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